Detroit Free Press (Article) Local Iraqi-American film, novel aims to bring unity between Chaldean, Muslim communities

Photo by Antranik Tavitian
Article published by The Chaldean News (Nov. 2021)

World Literature Today Bringing an Iraqi American Perspective to the Big Screen: A Conversation with Weam Namou

Samya Rahmani plays the lead in Pomegranate

Filmmakers Making A Social Impact: Why & How Weam Namou of Unique Voices in Films Is Helping To Change Our World

ELLE Arabia Arabia (UAE) The Hype – in print, English version: Here’s the link to the PDF file:…/har…/60928c4028b98317563121.pdf

Delphi International – Interview with Weam Namou about the book turned film, Pomegranate. May 25th at 8 pm (PST) 11 pm (EST) by Donna Seebo – Listen Live…/pomegranate-weam-namou/

We’ll be discussing how a young woman of Iraqi Muslim culture, as an immigrant to the United States, has to adjust to the cultural differences, societal challenges, and development of her own unique voice of independence. An inside view of a woman’s perspective that is enlightening

The Reader’s House [UK] a new personalized e-and-print magazine created to connect writers, authors, artists, and coaches, and to also highlight their story and passion with an interview.

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