Basim Alameen to Co-Star as Niran’s Father, Sermad.

Pomegranate Pictures is excited to announce the attachment of the versatile Iraqi actor, Basim Alameen to co-star in the 2021 production of Pomegranate.  Basim Alameen was born in Baghdad, Iraq, where, in 1997, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Television Directing from the University of Baghdad, College of Fine Arts. In 2010 he immigrated toContinue reading “Basim Alameen to Co-Star as Niran’s Father, Sermad.”

Pomegranate Captures Director of Photography Kevin Hewitt

PRESS RELEASE June 7, 2020 Sterling Heights, MI, USA Pomegranate Pictures is pleased to announce the attachment of Kevin D. Hewitt, SOC as the motion picture project’s Director of Photography.  Kevin is a 35-year veteran Director of Photography, Cinematographer, Camera Operator, Steadicam owner/operator, and FAA licensed Drone owner/pilot. He is best known for his SteadicamContinue reading “Pomegranate Captures Director of Photography Kevin Hewitt”